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At the Barricades
AT THE BARRICADES is weekly podcast covering radical ideas, culture, and our absolutely fucked up yet beautiful world. We feature free thinkers, artists, authors, journalists, musicians, actors, comedians, and true rebel fighters, who all push boundaries within their given contexts. The show is hosted by Jason Yawn -- musician, activist, lead vocalist, abd guitarist of the Washington D.C. punk quartet, FREE CHILDREN OF EARTH. This site is your hub for everything having to do with AT THE BARRICADES. Here, you can stream every episode, donate to the show, subscribe via ITunes. When you click on each episode, you can find source materials, including articles, videos, books, etc. discussed on that given show. As well as, info on how you can follow, and check out the work of each guest. We hope you enjoy the show, and that we can build a community around what we're trying to do here. Thank you so much for the support.