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Poetry Slam
Recordings from the 2009 Oxford University Online Poetry Slam competition. The event invited students to submit an MP3 recording of an original poem or narrative, of no longer than 3 minutes in length, for a University-wide competition. The event was judged by Heidi Vaughan (Oxford Playhouse), Bernard O'Donoghue (Fellow in English specialising in Modern Irish and Medieval English Poetry), Sian Robins-Grace (RSC Member, Oxford Alumna and Oxford Poetry Slam Finalist), and Steve Larkin (organiser of the Hammer and Tongue poetry slam). Congratulations to the following students: 1st Prize: Christopher Turner, St Hugh's College, for 'Poetic Phonetics' 2nd Prize: Thomas Stevenson, St Catherine's College, for 'Dia de los Muertos' 3rd Prize: Aisha Mirza, St Catherine's College, for 'Instant Symphony Mix' The album cover is by surrealmuse. It is released under a Creative Commons licence. There are more details at
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